Love Your Lunchbox: Christmas Special KS1/2

This seasonal science gameshow lets pupils discover the eco side of Christmas through hands-on science demos and games – along with a lot of festive fun!

The importance of school meals and healthy lunchboxes is expertly communicated through this interactive presentation. Each round contains eco-challenges and science demonstrations that are designed to get pupils up and involved -…

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Love your Lunchbox! KS1 & 2

This interactive gameshow lifts the lid on lunchboxes and investigates what should be in them...and compares it to what can usually be found; crisps, sweets and chocolates! It also looks at the importance of school meals, which are balanced, tasty and nutritious.

Each round of the gameshow looks at how to make lunchbox contents healthier by…

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Solutions for the Future KS2, 3 & 4

This workshop challenges pupils to design a product that will make a difference!

It could be to reduce packaging, improve efficiency or use a source of renewable energy. After receiving a short hands-on show about sustainable issues, pupils must use their ingenuity and creativity to create a product with a unique selling point, a name, a logo and a price...then…

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The Sustainability Show KS1 - 4

This interactive presentation cuts through the myths and misperceptions surrounding waste and energy.

Using up-to-date independent research The Sustainability Show demonstrates the science behind Reducing, Reusing and Recycling and other environmental practises. Food miles, carbon footprints and consumer choice are all investigated using practical demonstrations and audience volunteers, with eye-opening results!

There's also a chance for audience members to…

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Now Hear This! KS3 & 4

This lively show demonstrates music technology in a way never heard before!

Find out about the science of sound; the waves, the vibrations and how sound travels. Discover how to turn objects around your home into powerful speakers and explore the links between mobile phone ringtones and computer game music.

Explore how modern music comes to life…

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