Solutions for the Future KS2, 3 & 4

This workshop challenges pupils to design a product that will make a difference!

It could be to reduce packaging, improve efficiency or use a source of renewable energy. After receiving a short hands-on show about sustainable issues, pupils must use their ingenuity and creativity to create a product with a unique selling point, a name, a logo and a price...then they present their ideas to the other groups and potential investors.

Will the competition be fierce? Will their designs wow the audience...and could this all lead to something more?


Running Time: half day

Setup Time: 45 minutes

Suitability: Key Stages 2, 3 & 4

Pupils' Comments:


  • We learnt lots in a fun way, no improvements needed. Perfecto.

  • Great! Xxxx

  • We won! Yey. We really enjoyed participating in sustainable science.

  • Really entertaining and fun. Encouraged us to get involved and think about sustainability.

  • Very interesting discussion, learning information I knew little about previously. Made me think about new innovative products. Thanks! 

  • It was very entertaining and fun and was a good way to learn how to help the developing world.

  • It was enjoyable and a good way of getting people thinking about renewable energy.

  • Very interesting session which got me thinking about the environment. I enjoyed the interactive side of it and it helped my team skills to improve.

  • I really enjoyed the session, it was a chance to be creative, imaginative and thinking outside the box to help out environmentally.

  • We thought that it was very informative and interesting. We gained more knowledge on sustainability.


Many thanks to Leah, Leah, Rebecca, Brandon, Jack, Gaz, Sara, Bethany, CJ, MG, BS, YL, SF, AC and all the other Flintshire pupils!