Read below for some of the feedback we've received about our shows and workshops:


“A special thank you from the staff and pupils at Ysgol Heulfre Junior School for the inspirational, entertaining and educational workshop that Rob Wix delivered. This was a fantastic way to begin the science topic of sound, full of practical ideas that can now be explored and developed further within the school. Once again many thanks"

D Taylor, Ysgol Heulfre, Denbigh


“Rob's show really engaged our visitors with environmental science at our Science Fair, his show was hands-on, good fun and the audience loved it!”

P Gardner, Principal Teaching Fellow, University of St Andrews


“It was great making musical instruments from rubbish - I loved the music man! ”

Year 7 pupil, The Marches School, Oswestry



"Teaching ESDGC may not always seem the easiest or most exciting thing in the world, despite its importance, but these workshops brought the subject to life.  These workshops should be a part of every school’s programme of learning to encourage children to look after the planet for future generations. He has certainly inspired a cohort of students, most of whom are planning classroom-based careers, to take the subject seriously and regard it as a highly significant part of the primary curriculum."

Dr J Harrett, Senior Lecturer, University of Glamorgan


"I enjoyed his sessions and learned a lot, and both of my kids came home teaching their Dad all about what they had learned. I think this is a

really good way for us to incorporate Science into Wise Up. Rob takes a very laid back approach to teaching and uses lots of hands on activities. He teaches Science with regard to real world environmental concerns instead of using boring charts and memorization techniques. "

"Sustainable Science was a great find! Rob’s workshops were well presented, informative, coherent and relevant to current issues. There were plenty of opportunities for the children to participate if they wanted to which they did with enthusiasm."

"I really liked them, I would like Rob to come back and teach some more. I missed some of his work shops due to clashes and missing a week so I'd like him to come back. His workshops are really interesting."

Parents, children and staff from Wise Up Home Community Home Education Group



"The workshop was really entertaining and interesting, it made me really think about how this topic can be taught to children in a simple yet fun way."

"Very engaging and humorous with an important message embedded within the lesson – more lessons/guests like this please!"

"Really inspirational. An absolute eye-opener, will never take my supermarket for granted! Really educational and fun. A real learning experience."

"Really good presenting skills, enjoyed the lecture!"

"Rob’s presentation was very impressive. The information helped us understand the importance of science and recycling."

"Interesting talk with an interactive aspect – good for younger children, presented information in a memorable way."

"We liked that it was impressive and clear. We could see your enthusiasm and found the lecture very interesting. We liked the purse and coasters and the idea of reusing things."

"Fantastic, interactive and very well presented."

"Good interactive presentation, very enjoyable and insightful."

"I thought the presentation was amazing, it really opened my eyes to how much oil we use. I enjoyed taking part in the presentation and it is something I will use with my future class when I am a teacher, to teach them to ‘reduce and reuse’ as well as ‘recycle’."

"I thought the lecture was very helpful and interesting. I gained a lot of knowledge about recycling to take into schools with me."

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, learning about recycling, thanks for a fab lesson!"

"Interesting presentation, very informative and educational. Everything well explained with good examples and fun experiments!"

3rd Year Education and Early Years Students, University of Glamorgan